DecalPRO® is the only product on the market where you can make your own real "dry transfer" text and graphics in minutes for unlimited applications and surfaces from soft cardboard to glass.


  • Any graphic you can print
  • Any full-color, metallic or white graphic
  • Any surface - even a wax candle

... all "on demand" in minutes of time!

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Make your own rub-down pressure-sensitive dry transfer graphics in COLOR, WHITE and true METALLIC transfers in under 10 minutes... totally "on-demand" system. Create transfers as small as 1/4" square up to 8" x 10".


Transfer FULL-COLOR images onto black backgrounds

Never before possible without sending your artwork out to be fabricated. Now you can put either a white or metallic reflective layer under just the color image in one easy step.


Convert any black toner image into a WHITE graphic

No need for any special printer (like the defunct ALPS printers) to be able to make white graphics. Simply print-out black toner and apply the white (or any of 20 foil colors) to convert black toner that color


Make METALLIC colored graphics from just black toner images

An entire rainbow of metallic color foils at your fingertips that will create amazingly beautiful graphics from black toner.


Our DIY process allows you to make real dry-transfers using any standard laser printer (except Brother® printers) or conventional copier with a suitable 10mil-type laminator. DecalPro transfers are actually better in several respects than expensive 'send-out' commercially-made dry transfers.


Here are the types of uses for DecalPro®...

Also use by Graphic Artists, Industrial Designers and Professional Model Makers (APMM)


• No  'halo' Carrier Around Images

• Extremely Thin Dry Transfers

• Under 10-Minute Process

• Durable Images

Our process requires a capable laminator to create images. The two least expensive "10-mil" type laminators that work great with this process are the Tamerica® SM-330 and the Apache® AL13P. (We stock the Tamerica as it's a far better design and needs no modifications.)