The "3-Pass" Spray Technique


To say, "apply two quick passes of spray adhesive" can be a bit illusive because everyone applies the spray a little differently. Here's a simple method that trains each user to the right amount of spray to apply.


Photo: 3 Test imagesUsing the B&W sheet of sample test images, cut a strip of 3 images across the page. Prepare this 3-panel graphic as one complete image per the normal instructions, using any metallic foil. When the image is all done, ready for the application of the adhesive spray...


• Lay this finished graphic face-down (toner side up) over a sheet of paper towel.


• Lay a sheet of regular white paper over this 3-image graphic so that only the RIGHT-most image is exposed.


• Apply ONE application of spray over this exposed image.


• Pull the sheet of paper back to expose 2 images (center and right) and apply another single-shot spray across BOTH images.


• Remove and discard the white paper and apply a THIRD pass of spray across all three squares. Pickup the Mylar Carrier and flip around, ready to transfer. You now have three images with 1, 2 and 3 sprays respectively from left to right.


Now transfer this master image to a piece of cardboard, applying good finger pressure over the entire graphic. Peel the Mylar Carrier back 180º over itself and discard. Inspect closely to see which square made a perfect transfer. After transfer, the square on the RIGHT received 1 application of spray, two in the middle and three on the LEFT image. Your transfer results will now tell you, based on how YOU apply the spray, how many spray applications are ideal.

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