Dealer Enquiries Invited

"Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money refunded"

If you are not 100% satisfied with any purchase you have made within 30 days from the date of sale we will refund you money for the total face-value of the original purchase regardless of the remaining quantities of the item(s).

If you purchased the laminator, it must be in fully operational condition and resellable repacked within it's own box with all internal packing materials the same way you received it. All other consumable items do not require anything special.

If you have a problem and are thinking of returning the sytem, we'd like to ask that you give us a crack at fixing the reason for your dissatisfaction. We want you to be absolutely happy with the decision you originally made to purchase our products because you will tell your friends and business connections. Sales based on "word of mouth" are the most valuble advertising tool on this planet. We don't want to ever jeopardize that medium. So, if you are experiencing any problem, we'd ask that you let us try to solve it first (not that we don't want to refund your money - that's not even an issue, rather, it's to get you to an operational state for a great product that might have had a 'hiccup' from something being done wrong from the user.)

If after we get a chance to work with you to solve the problem and it continues, by all means, pack it up and return the product. If however, you just don't want to use the product, that's O.K. too. We'd just like to be "in the loop" of your decisions, one way or the other. We refund the exact "face value" of your purchase during the first 30 days. The only thing we don't refund is the cost of shipping (original and the return trip back to us). We feel this is a very fair refund policy since we are taking back a used product and we do not deduct any compensation in the form of lame "restocking fees", etc.

We are very confident in our product and will ensure you get total support after the sale... forever - no time limit with no cost to you. After all, we are interested in repeat customer sales. To get to that objective, we provide you with two valuable tools; 1) Complete telephone support from our office in Floria (not India) with call-back if you reached us after hours, and 2) We provide you with a fully maintained, dedicated website for your reference when we have new tips, tricks and techniques to proliferate to all users as they are developed.

If you have any questions... at any time, please call us at (850) 926-2009. Our hours of operation are 9am to 5pm Eastern, Monday through Friday. If calling after hours or over the weekend, please leave a message and we'll return your call the next business day.


Frank Miller
Owner & CBW