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Does your small business make unique, specialty or "One-Of-A-Kind" products for your customers?

...if so, we'd like to show you how DecalPRO® is especially well suited for your particular small-manufacturing niche.

Ok, so you've designed and created a fantastic new product and it's time to package it... you have had only three options.

1) Silk-screen the enclosures,

2) Order out for dry-transfers to be fabricated,

3) Get out the old Dymo® tape labeler and create an unprofessional looking product that will never be taken seriously!

You aren't making enough of these units to justify the high cost of silk-screening or custom dry-transfer graphics and you sure don't want your product to look unprofessional so what do you do? Now with the advent of DecalPRO® on the market you have a fourth option. The kit is inexpensive and geared for special, 1up or low volume applications. Make professional looking "dry transfers" literally in just a few minutes using just your computer and a simple laser printer or copier.

All of the graphics applied to the enclosure above were made using an ordinary B&W laser printer and DecalPRO®.

All graphics and text were first printed in black toner to the transfer paper. The black toner is first converted to white using a special foil. Next the transfer is made and applied to the black ABS plastic case. You would swear it was silk-screened!

DecalPRO® makes any project or product look every bit like it was an expensive silk-screen job. Click on the custom made fishing rod. Notice the craftsman used metallic copper for this job. The only way to be able to do this commercially would be "hot stamping foils" and that would be extremely expensive to make just one! DecalPRO it's the perfect product to have whenever you need to make quick, commercial quality graphics and text for any application.

With your computer DecalPRO® you can create your own highly customized graphics, colorize them to suit your application (eg. white, 12 real metallics or even a full-color image using a color laser or color copier) then finish off the process by fabricating a real dry-transfer graphic for the finished product... all in under 10 minutes.

You can gang-up multiple images on a page and create as many duplicates and make them all in under 10 minutes. This goes a long way to increasing your efficiency and lowering your production costs.

Even though the transfer medium is "letter-size" sheets, you can create larger images. For example, the crest shield on the right measures 18" X 24".

Each of the mallets were made individually. The left side was also too big to fit completely on one letter-size transfer sheet so the sword and arm were created and transferred separately. A little extra outlining was then done to help join separate images without any visible joining of the separate transfers. Clear enamel was then added to give the finished product a "factory made" look.

There is no limit to the number of products DecalPRO® can be used on. It's the all-around perfect graphic art tool to help small companies save high production expenses.

This image on the right is an unusual example of a product that offers the customer a new level of personalization. These are cigar hole makers that have your name in metallic gold or silver foil put right on custom turned mahogany handle.

If you have an idea you are working on and want to discuss if DecalPRO® is right for your particular application, please give us a call anytime between 9am-5pm EST. (850) 926-2009.