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First off, let us say that this category is all encompassing. It covers a lot of completely different interests; flying, non-flying aircraft and heli's, boats, cars, rockets albeit scratch-built, kit, ARF and plastic molded.

When done with this "intro" page, click on the "OVERVIEW" button to continue on into the site to learn more about how DecalPRO works.

Our objective here is to show you what DecalPRO can do for you regardless of your particular hobby. We'll show you some sample images of the more popular categories. The basic concept of DecalPRO can be summed up in one sentence...

There is no longer any need to find a company that makes the graphics you are looking for because you ALREADY HAVE the basic tools!

... and those tools are your computer, the internet, possibly a flatbed scanner and a printer. With these basic tools you can find what you're looking for on the internet or digitize printed images to modify the scale and color to your liking and/or just create your "text" graphics using the font of your choice. The laser printer (sorry but inkjets don't work with this system) then outputs directly to a transfer medium which is where DecalPRO enters the scene to convert the printed image, graphic or text into a real, commercial quality, pressure sensitive "dry-transfer" in under 10 minutes. It IS the dream come true or your money back. (See our satisfaction guarantee above).

If for example, your image is in full-color like that of the rocket's fin shown below and you don't have a color laser printer (which are still pretty expensive) then you CAN use an inkjet... but indirectly. What you do is print your graphic on regular white paper then take a short trip to your local "copy house" to have a reproduction made onto our transfer medium - head back home and continue the process to make the dry-transfer (and that copier reproduction you just made would set you back all of about 59¢!) Our system is very affordable to use.

For a more impressive view of this rocket's tail, click on Richard Branson's "Spaceship Three" logo to get an idea of the amazing results you can achieve with DecalPRO. The original "Starship" logo had the text you see below actually imbedded into the blue areas under the "VIRGIN" center section. All graphic "special effects" are really nothing more than getting familiar with a good graphics software program (like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) to understand how to manipulate the images for your desired result.

FLY RC Article

Give it a minute to load up as it's a big article!

"Fly R/C" January 2009 issue page 52-54 has an indepth article using DecalPRO by the master craftsman Mike Selby and his 10' A-10. He placed 2nd in Top Gun 2008. All graphics were done with DecalPRO except the snarling teeth & eyes nose art.

Note: The laminator shown in this article from back in '09 has been updated to the GBC model H-220, a major improvement to the design. $129.95

DecalPRO is not just for high end "jet guys" either. Many 'Sunday Flyers' take the opportunity to customize their fixed and rotary wing craft for that personalized touch that shows off their pride and joy at the local flying field. This is also a way to make even RTF "foamies" look custom built. (Click to enlarge)
From the gigantic "garden railways" down to the micro "Z" scale, do it yourself "dry transfers" offer a uniqueness that just can't be done any other way. And just to refresh what we talked about earlier... those white graphics you see on this freight car started out as a black toner printout then converted to white! (Click to enlarge)
Arts 'n Craft items like this Japanese "ema" are especially well suited for DecalPRO. This hand crafted "wish giver" charm made in Hawaii had the black kangi character font graphic added directly to the product which is made out of unfinished, unsealed teak and had no problem permanently transferring to the wood surface. When you enlarge the image you will notice how the transfer graphic conforms to the grain of the wood. Very impressive! This is one of DecalPRO's greatest advantages over commercially made transfers. The images are so thin you can not detect their presence by rubbing your sensitive finger tips over the grahic. (Click to enlarge)
Go beyond what the manufacturer gives you in your plastic model kit! Click on this image for a close-up of a specialized graphic made on this C-6 'Vette. This was one of several dozen 'Vettes specially made for a special display in the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky in late 2006. (Click to enlarge)
Custom produced electronics housed inside custom made enclosures! Here is a unique custom produced guitar pedal effect box for the music industry. Notice the dill-hole locations as part of the master dry-transfer graphic. (Click to enlarge)