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The objective of this "specialty page" is to demonstrate how DecalPRO can be used as a big time-saver when it comes to putting the finishing touches on any new design from prototype through pre-production for the various in-process reviews between you and your client.

Whether its a final exam project in school or in the real world, how do you get the finishing touches on your prototype quickly? One answer is DecalPRO. It's not the only answer, but it's the fastest and least expensive one. There is a lot of merit to having a "safe haven" when time is of the essence or you just want to cut the high cost of commercially made transfers.

From concept drawings to finished item, the one thing you don't want holding you up at the last minute is waiting for commercially produced dry-transfers for text and graphics... especially when there has been a last second change-to-the-change made by the client! Haven't we all been there at one time or another?

Generating a new graphic or text fragment takes on average only 8 minutes between hitting the print button transferring the new image to the target location. There is nothing on the market that is faster or more efficient to getting the job done.

Here is an example of what a design company in Mexico did for Pinin Farina. They crated a special design for a Motorola cell phone in celebration of one of their newest Ferrari conversions. DecalPRO was used for the yellow Ferrari logo and the script Pinin Farina logo in white along the side of the phone.
Where else... could you possibly get "instant" graphics & text made, short of having your own high-end dry transfer fabrication plant on-site?

you'll have graphics and text images created "on demand" in under 10 minutes.

We think you'll agree, DecalPRO has some very unique properties for all disciplines of the entire product design and engineering community. To gain a better understanding of DecalPRO we invite you to start by clicking the "OVERVIEW" button above and work your way down the menu.

So what does the system cost? The entire kit is only $89.95 plus the laminator at $69.95. Together at $159.90, you have a very powerful tool at your disposal with never ending telephone tech support (or email if you prefer) to guide you out of any problem you might experience, or possibly the need for a new technique for a particular application. The last point we'd like to make is that we sell "peace of mind" with any purchase you make with PULSAR. We've been in business since 1988 and our Customer Satisfaction guarantee has never changed, "If You Don't Love It... We Want It Back."