Apache Front ViewAdjustments & Cautions:

You will need to make two minor adjustments to this unit. The following paragraphs will outline these two things to do with just a Phillips screwdriver.

NOTE: Before doing these adjustment procedures, ensure the unit is NOT plugged in! Please read everything after the instructions as there are some concerns about safety of this unit.



Turn the unit upside-down and locate the 8 Phillips-head screws. There are 4 in the corners of the base. Remove ONLY these 4 in the absolute corners which hold the beige cover to the chassis.

Keep the unit upside-down to adjust the roller pressure next. Locate the other 4 screws. These long screws go into the unit that have a compression spring going to the roller assembly. The factory has these set to apply very low pressure to the rollers which we need to increase. You will be turning these screws clock-wise all the way down until they feel like they have bottomed-out, then backing them out 3 turns.

NOTE: Make screw adjustments in "pairs" at each end of the unit.

1) Start with one screw and turn it IN (clockwise) 3 turns - move to the other screw next to it at the SAME END of the unit and turn it 3 turns also. Do this repeatedly until both screws "feel" like they have bottomed-out. Don't overtighten!

2) Now turn both screws OUT (counter-clockwise) 3 turns. This end of the unit is now done.

3) Perform the same operation on the other end of the unit.

When done, carefully flip the unit right-side up and lift off the beige cover paying attention to the wire harness ribbon cable that is attached to the control panel. It should NOT be disconnected as the connector is "hot-glued" for security. Be careful to position this cover so as not to damage the wire harness.



At the rear of the cover (just aft of the gray center section of the cover where the board would exit) there is a "floppy" gray strip of metal with 3 semi-circle notches in it. We want to remove this. It is secured to the inside top of the cover by two "twist tabs". Carefully twist these tabs to enable removal of this plate and keep it in the master carton box in case of any return/warranty issues.

Reinstall the top cover plate and reattach with the 4 screws. Adjustments are completed.



NEVER LEAVE THE ROOM WHEN THIS UNIT IS RUNNING! It is strongly advised to purchase an inexpensive battery operated SMOKE DETECTOR and place it above the area where you plan to operate this laminator. The reason for this is two-fold:

Smoke Detetor1) This unit runs at a very high temperature approaching near 400ºF! Also note that this unit is not UL Listed (not that that in and of itself is reason for concern that it has not been presented to UL for their "destructive" tests but rather, this precaution would go for ANY laminator running as hot as this one does.)

2) The manufacturer did not install an overheat sensor. This is of concern for fire safety which is why we say don't leave the room when the unit is running! There is a very simple sensor used to detect when the temperature on the lower roller has dropped below a certain point which then kicks on the heaters. If that little semi-conductor device was to fail, there is no backup to detect an "overheat" condition and the heaters would never turn off, possibly starting a fire from extreme overheat. The average, inexpensive (approx $8) smoke detector is an absolute MUST to have when running this unit.

3) Lastly, we'd highly recommend a "timer" be used to control the maximim time the unit can be on. The unit does not turn itself off and because it's a quite running device, it's very easy to forget it's turned on and leave the area. For peace of mind we strongly urge you to use an automatic shutoff device!