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The "Carrier Board" is used as a backer board to carry the graphic and TRF foil (colorizing foil) through the heat & pressure "laminator". The purpose is to prevent the foils from wrinkling from happening. Without the use of a rigid board, the chance of getting a wrinkle is very high.

This thin .020" thick fiberglass boards are made out of a high temperature "FR-4" material. Size is 8" x 10" and easily cut with a paper cutter to smaller sizes that may be more appropriate to the more common sizes you use most.

Because there are two boards to a pack, you have one to cut up into smaller sizes leaving the other for your largest graphics.

$17.95 / 8"x10", .020" thick

The clear Mylar "Carrier" foil is the master film used to create all of of the different types of decals using our unique techniques. One full length package is included with the "Starter Kit". In practice, the colorized graphic is positiond over the semi-rigid Carrier Board (above) and a piece of this clear Mylar Carrier film is cut the size of the transfer paper and on top of the prepared graphic then covered with a thin piece of paper to hold everything together as it is inserted into the pre-heated laminator.

The flm is 1/2mil Mylar and packaged 8" wide by 15' long, wrapped on a 6" x 9" cardboard form. (This is the way ALL individual colorizing TRF foils are packaged or space savings of the 19 different foil colors.)

$8.95 /8" wide x 15' long