Dealer Enquiries Invited

We discovered this special textile adhesive quite by accident. This adhesive is very unique in that not only does it produce an extremely fine, concentrated, non-toxic, and odorless spray, it disolves with alcohol as opposed to all other spray adhesives that require "hot" solvents for removal (like acetone, MEK, Xylene, etc).

This one feaure makes this technique work because we need to be able to remove any excess adhesive that might wind up transferring with the decal. Normal transfers do not result in any adhesive residue around the transferred image, however, certain surfaces might cause a little bit of residue.

In this situation you could not possibly use a solvent based remover because the decal would be instantly desroyed - and not to mention if the decal was transferred to plastic you'd wind up crazing the surface.

$13.95 /3.6 fl.oz.