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Included in the "Starter Kit" are two sets of sample images pre-printed on TTS paper ready to be cut up for immediate practicing right out of the box.

The B&W set of images are used to practice colorizing the black toner using any of the 19 different foils.

The full-color logo set of graphics was printed on a conventional HP-4550 color laser printer. Notice that the bottom half of this page is a reverse of the top half so you will have images "mirrored" to practice applying the WhiteTRF foil "under" the graphic to act as a reflector for the thin color toner. This is necessary if your target location is dark so that the color toner isn't "tinted" by the background, thus maintinaing full color vibrancy. Practice this technique only after you have mastered the basics!

These two master layouts are also available under the EXAMPLES tab, labeled Test Images in the menu listing. These layouts are availabe as a direct printout and as a set of original Adobe Illustrator files so, if you have that program (or compatible illustration-type program) you can modify the actual files to suite your own "testing" requirements. For example, being that the images are "illustrations" versus bit-mapped images means you can resize each logo to an unlimited enlargement, change color, elements, otherwise, there is also a ".pdf" file of each file for making a direct printout if you need more samples.