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These specialty foils have a unique coating that will only stick to the certain type of styrene plastic found in the toners used for laser printers and photo-copiers. When the foils are exposed to moderate heat and high pressures, the foils will convert black toner into any of 12 metallic shades, black, grey, white, specialty "metallic" and "clear" for color toners and two holographic films and "CarrierTRF" responsible for most of the transfer tricks... 20 foils in all!

The "Starter Kit" includes 3' of all 19 foils - 57 feet of foil! All foils are also available on space saving "flat" packages 8" x 15' for only $8.95 each.

The DecalPro process requires toner-based images for colorizing and to facilitate certain "static-cling" bonds so inkjet printers are not directly usable. They can, however, be used with this process with one extra step. You would use your inkjet to print to regular paper and then use a copier to reproduce your artwork onto the TTS transfer paper. The process doesn't care how you get the toner onto the transfer paper!

These are the standard colors for the DecalPro system (and what are also included in the starter kit). Not shown below is the clear mylar called "CarrierTRF". It comes on a 15' length with the Starter Kit since you will use that one more than any color.

$29.95 /Each foil is 8" wide x 36" long x 19 different colors and special effects as shown below...

You'll notice that we do not include the entire spectrum of regular "pigmented" colors beyond black, gray & white. This was for two good reasons:

1. To stock a standard rainbow of pigment colors would be less than a "drop in the bucket" falling far short of the thousands of colors we automatically get from any color printer.

2. With individual solid "pigment" foils, you would not be able to do fancy "gradations" of two or more colors that yield very impressive decals.

Because color toner is inherently "flat" with absolutely no gloss factor to it, we have addressed this issue and have a fantastic fix! One of the TRF foils is "Clear". It sticks to just the toner turning it into an extremely high gloss finish. We can now "eat our cake and have it too".

Click on the image to the right to see the degree of color graduations you can faithfully reproduce into a dry transfer graphic. To make your color images even more impressive, we have a foils called "REFLECTIVE" which is applied under the toner image the same way you would put the WHITE foil under your image when you want to transfer a color graphic to a black background. This metallic reflector turns every spec of color toner irridescent. Very impressive!

The DecalPro kit contains 57 feet of all 19 colors above to give you a unique opportunity to experiment with all "flavors" that we make. Individual colors are all orderable separately. This pack is our "Whitman's Sampler" of foils if you will. It's a great reference guide. Individiual color foils are wrapped on a easy to store 6"x9" carboard form called a "FlatPack".