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This product even by itself will allow you to make some pretty amazing projects! The "Toner Transfer System" (or TTS" for short), is more than just a name for a water-slide type of paper.

It reflects more of a dedication to have developed a series of different techniques to enable you to use this product to create 7 different types of products from our most revolutionary "dry transfer" rub-down decals to extremely simple temporary skin tattoos. You can imaging directly to CD's, chemically mil metals, or transfer scanned "templates" directly onto wood for professional cut-outs.

You can even create stunning effects in glass and into the silver-nitrate of mirrors for very dramatic effects of "floating graphics" inside the mirror! Long before all of this was developed, TTS has been used 1992 for making instant printed circuit boards. That part of our business has it's own web site which you might have seen from our main website page TTS has been used by hobbyists around the world, higher education. and also holds high marks by the engineering community, saving companies who have used our products hundreds if not thousands of dollars with their prototype requirements and 1-up projects to be made in 15 minutes or less.

TTS paper is used like regular paper in any copier or laser printer. The specially coated paper becomes an image-transferring medium between the printer and basically any surface. The printed toner image (in either all black from a B&W printer or full-color images from a color laser printer or a color photo-copier from a your local copy house) can then be turned into a very high resolution, rubdown, pressure-sensitive transfer to the likes of which has never been done before.

There are two basic types of "water-slide" papers; coated and uncoated. The coating refers to a very thin acrylic layer applied to the top of "Dextrin" treated paper (which is the water-soluble starch chemical that is the release agent). The coated type of transfer paper is absolutely necessary when using inkjet printers. This coated-type of transfer paper must never be used in any laser printer or copier as damage to the printer will result because the acrylic coating will melt off inside the printer due to the hot fuser roller present in all laser printers and toner-based copiers.

So now, after printing to this type of decal paper with an inkjet printer, the user must then apply another layer of acrylic (eg. Krylon "Clear Coat") over the printed graphic to seal the top over the inkjet ink making it water-proof by this "sandwich" technique because the next step is to wet the paper to dissolve the release coating thus allowing the image to slide off the paper, (hence, "water-slide" paper). If the second "top coat" of acrylic was not applied after printing, the inkjet colors would completely dissolve and the image would disappear. Making decals this way is just "old-school" and always leaves a very noticeable and permanent "carrier" around the image. Our techniques presented here have pioneered the way to allow you to make real pressure-sensitive, no-residue, no-carrier graphics for any surface, all in 5 minutes or less.

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TTS Paper Medium: $14.95