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UNUSUAL SURFACES for DecalPro images

Teflon Frying Pan

Not a difficult trick but impressive none the less. Why the XM logo? .. We just happened to find it on the web. It was originally bright red so we decided to change it to black toner to convert it to a white decal for great contrast!

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"Thumbnail" Photo?

A lot of customers ask, "but how small can you make a decal? I do a lot of N-size trains and I need 6pt text or smaller."

This photo is of 4pt text and clearly readable (if you enlarge the picture that is!)

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Professional Text & Graphic "Overlays" Over Photographs

Simply print out your text or graphics, convert the black toner to high gloss-white, black, gray... or any of 12 highly reflective real metallics colors, or any of 16.7 millions colors available to you by printing the graphics on a color laser or copier instead of a B&W printer. A fantastic application to customize any real photograph and there is no residue or carrier or ANYTHING in or around the image. It's as close to "magic" as you can get with out a wand!

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Balsa & Hardwoods

Ideal trick to use for the more complex parts that require extreme accuracy. Paper templates glued down will shred on contact with the saw blade, but not when it's done this way! (See "Other Uses" for "how to instructions)

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Irregular or Porous Surfaces

Tile is not generally glossy, but it can be quite irregular. This trick for transferring "dull toner" to match the surface of the tile is detailed in the instructions for making COLOR decals.

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Curved Surfaces

The very thin mylar decal "carrier" can easily conform to simple curves and light compound curves as shown by this 12" propeller with a tapering pitch.

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Flexible Surfaces

This Sikorsky logo from the late 40's faithfully reproduced for this giant scale R/C model. The material stretched between the ribs will flex with pressure.

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Transfer any image to any type of cardboard because the transfer method is DRY transfer! You can't do this with conventional "water-slide" decals!

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Plastic Bag

Just another unusual surface! Graphic art designers... you now have the capability at your fingertips for creating your customers presentation pieces in minutes for pennies!

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Compact Disc

A most unusual way to "jaz up" that specially mastered DVD.

(See "Other Uses" for this trick)

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