Dealer Enquiries Invited
Click HERE for Mark's RV-7 "construction" site for detailed comments he made on the product.

... I couldn't resist having a play around with a new toy. Fortunately, in the kit, they send you a sample sheet laser printed so you can experiment as soon as your kit arrives. I followed the instructions on the website for making white decals, which were pretty easy to follow. The Pulsar system is clever stuff, using coloured foils that you melt to the toner based print to make the colour you want.

I tried it on a piece of metal I had lying around, and was quite impressed with the whole deal. This stuff is a lot less delicate than the Letraset stuff I tried previously and is much more resistant to scratching off.
In fact, it seems so much better that I decided to go ahead with this method of transfer and forego the clearcoat. The transfers can have all types of finishes, glossy, satin, metallic, holographic. It's amazing!

Mark T., Dearborne, MI