Dealer Enquiries Invited

"I'm so glad I found your product, it really saves me so much time. I think you have a great product and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I used to have to hand paint a lot of things that wouldn't work with regular decals. I manufacture all sorts of parts for Mobo toys - I'm the only one in the world that does so. I have the monopoly on that, at least for now. I make small bicycle license plates which your item has really made a difference. I searched for anything like your product for many years and the closest I ever came was a photographic silk-screening item but that limited me to just one color due to the difficulty and inaccuracies of using multiple screens. Occasionally I might have something not work correctly but not very often. I've used it on just about every type of surface; metal, fiberglass, plastic and cardboard. I'm sure that I'll be doing lots more business with you in the future. Thanks for the great product!

Chuck McKimson