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The Toblerone® "Chocolate Rocket"
This is quite amazing! The rocket group in Switzerland ARGOS used DecalPRO to graphically reproduce an exact replica of the famous Toblerone chocolate bar onto a triangle shaped rocket tube, lit it up and FLEW IT!

The first picture in the thread assumed that we would use a printout on a self adhesive vinyl-sheet to transfer the image. However, that didn't promise to look good, especially the gold color, so we went looking for some better method, which we found at your site.

The Matterhorn was made from gold TRF the lettering is color toner + WhiteTRF. Somewhat later in the thread, you can find an image of my wife with the still unfinished Toblerone. That picture was take just seconds before here level 1 certification flight.

At the bottom of the first page, you see the results of the large transfers. Since the letters are really large (about 7cm high) again, the Matterhorn (with the bear inside, most people don't notice it until you tell them) is made from GoldTRF, the letters are color toner on WhiteTRF.