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Decorating HO Scale Freight Cars with Pulsar Materials

by George Willard 08/23/06

These cars are not prototypical lettering schemes, so no commercial decals exist. I made the art work with an older version of Microsoft Publisher and printed it on Pulsar Transfer Paper with an HP 1020 with light/dark setting on "5".

The flat car has Pulsar transfers made with the white color material transfered onto flat enamel paint with sulky KK 2000.

The boxcar was decorated by making the Pulsar transfer in the normal manner, but instead of spraying the transfer with Sulky KK 2000 I laminated the transfer onto laser decal paper. The waterslide decal was then installed in the usual manner onto gloss paint. Then spray with Testors Dull Coat to make the decal edges disappear and dull the car finish. The waterslide decal allows a much more precise placement then the transfer method.