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The "white" foil (WhiteTRF) is a relatively thick pigment because white is the hardest color to cover black. Even at that, it has a hard time completely covering the black toner - much the same as white paint over a black wall.

When you apply the white foil over black toner as shown here to the right (where the word "WHITE" has been put on a black background), about 10-15% of the black comes through however, because there is no other white reference around, your eye tells you that is color is pure white.

The two images below are identical black-toner graphics still on the transfer paper. The one on the right has had a second white foil attached. Now your eye can clearly see the difference since it has a reference in close proximity.

Of the 19 different foils in the DecalPRO system, white is the only foil that can be put on top of iteself!

Before you jump to the conclusion that is is absolutely necessary to make a pure white graphic every time, stop to consider whether or not there is a bright white "reference" in or around the graphic. If not, don't worry about it... nobody will ever know. As a particular note to the model railroading community, this slightly "dingy" white appearance is quite authentic looking for "rolling stock".


1) PRINT the graphic

2) REMOVE MOISTURE from the paper by passing the hot air gun over the paper held about 1" above the paper's surface in overlapping passes. Do both sides.

3) COVER WITH WHITE TRF & APPLY and apply like any other foil. When it exits, slide the image off the Carrier Board, cool and peel back over itself.

4) REMOVE EXCESS WHITE FOIL by laying down strips of blue 3M "2080" tape horizontally over the graphic, slightly overlapping each strip. Do this again however, first rotate the TTS image 90º so that the tape is more effective at picking up what it might have missed on the first de-taping.

5) WIPE DOWN WITH DENATURED ALCOHOL on a wet paper towel, then with a clean dry towel, buff up the surface of the graphic.

6) COVER WITH WHITE TRF & APPLY like before EXCEPT do not use the Carrier Board this time. The image requires more heat from both sides this time to get the second white foil to transfer properly to the first white layer. When it exits allow it to cool and then carefully peel back over itself and discard.

7) (OPTIONAL) "SUPER High Gloss" Clean the image again using Denatured Alcohol with a wet paper towel and buff with a clean paper towe. Cover the grahic in the usual way with a piece of ClearTRF (found in the pack of 19 "sample foils"). Do not confuse this specialty foil that looks clear with clear Mylar "CarrierTRF" pack). Now insert into the applicator. Slide the image off the Carrier Board, cool the print, peel back the foil and detape if necessary. (You may or may not see reflective areas over the dull looking paper background.)