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This trick will enable you to run very small pieces of TTS paper through any printer. This is an especially important trick because many copiers require a full size sheet of paper which would be very wasteful if you only need a very small image printed; and laser printers want something on the order of a 3" ~ 5" long piece, otherwise in both type of printers if too short the small piece you are trying to run through will get lost inside the printer.

The idea here is to create a "carrier sheet" using a regular sheet of paper that the graphic has first been printed to it. You then attach a piece of TTS paper over that printed image and print the entire sheet again through the printer.

FIRST print your graphic or text image on a regular sheet of paper. Cut a small piece of TTS paper about 1/2” larger than the size of the printed image. Lay the TTS paper shiny side up directly over the printed image and using an Avery® brand (or similar) "laser printer" type of label. Affix the “top” edge of the small TTS paper to the carrier sheet. (“Top” means the edge of the white "carrier sheet" that will be inserted into the printer).

NEXT, set the printer for “manual feed” and print again. If this carrier-sheet jams, the total paper thickness is too great for your particular printer. Most printers can handle this added thickness, however, if your printer does jam, you will then want to actually "cut-out" the image (by 1/2" all around the image) and insert the small piece of TTS paper into the opening, "hinge" the small piece of TTS paper into the opening (like a miniature "doggy-door" and print again.

The laser printer or photo-copier will print in the exact same spot it did the first time so you now have the image precisely printed on a very small piece of "TTS" paper. Voila!