Dealer Enquiries Invited
Normally one needs to print the desired pattern on T-shirt transfer paper using an inkjet printer. This works, but the ink in such printers is basically glorified food coloring. It's not very durable. If one could use a color laser printer, the image would be more durable because toner is plastic, as you know. The problem is that T-shirt transfer paper is heat activated. If you put it in a laser printer, you'll make a mess because the rubberized coating will melt and delaminate itself from the paper, causing a mess on the printer's rollers.

With my method, print your image (not a mirror image) onto TTS paper, which of course is compatible with laser printers. Then tape the TTS paper to the T-shirt transfer paper, keeping the toner in contact with the coated side of the T-shirt paper. Place the papers on to a sufficiently large PCB with the T-shirt paper down so that it is contact with the PCB. The PCB is used to add rigidity and to act as a heat sink for the T-shirt paper. Send it through the fuser. Soak it in water to remove the TTS paper. Lay out the T-shirt transfer paper on paper towels, and blot dry with more paper towels. After further air drying, you are now ready to transfer the image onto your T-shirt using an iron. Neat!

Jon Eckrich
Adaptivation, Inc.
Sioux Falls, SD