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Image Directly To CD Surface!

For projects that must impress, forget the unprofessional round white label. Record your CD or DVD to unbranded media, preferably the ones without any markings that would otherwise interfere with your graphic.

High gloss, full-color CD's gives the impression of being commercially printed. For pre-production artwork mastering or special 1up jobs... any project that MUST impress!

There are two ways to jaz-up CD's. One method is to simply follow the conventional "Color Decal" instructions. To ensure good alignment before application, cover the CD with a piece of "Parchment Paper" available from any grocery store. Nothing sticks to this fantastic "kitchen cooking product. This will allow you to register the exact location for the center spindle, then carefully slide out the parchment and make the transfer. Rub down the image, peel back and discard the mylar "carrier" for a super gossy and very impressive CD.

The other method is "direct transfer" where you simply print your image in "mirror" (reversed left to right), lay the print over the CD, run the CD through the TIA applicator and slip it into the water bath! A minute later, your CD is fully printed!