"DecalPro" and "PCB Fab-In-A-Box" are our main two products, but have extensions to these techniques. For example, making printed circuit boards extends to those who do deep-etching in metals (see "Etching Metals" below). The extension to "DecalPro" is "ColorFoils" which is dedicated to colorizing toner images with our specialty foils for your own specialty papers, mostly in the scrapbooking arena.


"PCB Fab-In-A-Box".com

The only 8 minute PCB fabrication system for making quality, high-resolution Single & Double-sided PCBs with trace pitch down to .005" using basically any B&W laser printer or photo-copier.

Graphic: PCB Fab-In-A-Box

• No Negatives, Developing Chemicals or Darkroom

• Single & Double-sided Boards w/1/2oz CU for 1 minute etching

• Rigid .032" and FlexPCB .005" super-flexible circuit boards

• Traces down to .005" for all SMT board designs


Colorize any laser or copier printed page with unique metallic, pigment and special effect foils.

Graphic: ColorFoils

• Website loaded with tricks that no one else has the experience to tell you about

• Overlay multiple foil shades for amazing composite designs

• Full Tech Support by phone and email.


Chemical Milling is the generic term for etching metal (copper and brass) to create reliefs and 3-D shapes.


Graphic: Sample etched metals images

Graphic: 3-D etching of an objectUse the "Direct Etch" method with your laser printer (or copier) and our Toner Transfer Paper & GreenTRF foil as a mask for deep etching any metal surface. You can etch all the way through brass or copper-shim to create 3-D items, or etch-relief to any depth to create extremely intricate imaged pieces. Website: www.EtchingMetal.com