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Photo: Apache AL13P

Apache "AL-13P"

Setting Roller Pressure & Heat Plate Removal

The 10mil Apache "AL13P" laminator needs a couple of things done to it. The roller pressure must be increased from it's factory settings to apply maximum pressure when making dry-transfers with our system. There is also a cooling plate that needs to be removed.


Notice there are 8 screws on the base plate... 4 in the far corners of the unit (not circled, holding the cover onto the base) and 4 more inset an inch from the outer screws circled in red. Remove only the 4 OUTER screws... DO NOT REMOVE THE ONES CIRCLED IN RED!


Photo: Base of Apache AL13P - screw locations



• Flip the unit upside-down and remove the 4 screws in the FAR CORNERS (not the ones circled in red) to be able to remove the beige cover.


• Flip the unit right side-up and CAREFULLY lift off AND rotate the cover out of the way. Be careful with the interconnecting ribbon cable.


• Plug in the unit, insert the fiberglass "Carrier Board" and run it until the board is about half-way through, then shut off power. This will have now compressed the 4 tension springs slightly.


• Unplug the unit


• Increase the spring tension by tightening the 4 screws that are attached to the 4 pull-down "J" hooks. Tighten one at a time. Compress each spring so that the coils BARELY touch. You should be able to slip a piece of paper between the coils. Do not bottom-out the spring coils!


• Turn the unit on to remove the fiberglass board


• Looking at the inside of the beige cover you should see how to unlock and remove the rear "cooling plate" at the rear exit of the unit.



NOTE: Newer models of this laminator have the 4 adjustment screws reversed so adjustments are done from the inside of the chassis.


Photo: Apache roller pressure adjustment

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