Carrier Board Kit

Price: $12.95


Graphic: Carrier Board cover sheetAdditional Carrier Board: Rigid .020" thick fiberglass board keeps the work piece perpendicular to the laminator's pressure rollers.


Kit includes a full length Mylar Carrier 'Flat-Pak', adhesive strips and Tack Cloth. With an extra board, you can easily cut it down to different sizes for much faster processing of smaller images through the laminator, not having to wait for an 11" long board to pass through. ((One board included in the DecalProFX Starter kit)



• 8-1/2" x 11" Fiberglass board

• Mylar Carrier 'flat-pak' (8" wide x 15' long)

• Tack Cloth

• Tape Strips (2) for mounting the Mylar cover sheet


Photo: Processing through laminatorPhoto: Small cut board


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