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• The 1916 Ford Model 'T' is my latest model. I used the DecalPro system for the decals. That car is part of an ongoing project, building the Olympic_Laundry fleet. See the 1923, 1928, 1932, 1937 and 1940 Ford, all in the same colors and all with the same (DecalPro) decals. I scanned the original decal sheet and thanks to your system I was able to make all the decals I needed. Anthony Hazelaar <>


• "Houston, We Have Lift Off". Happy to report 100% success in the recent transfers. Thank you again for your patience and support.  I'm taking my efforts so far to a meeting of model railroad enthusiasts on Sunday.  I'll be talking about and demonstrating the process. Thanks again for an excellent product. Leslie Ness <>


• Here are two hobby projects I just did; Shot Glass Classic is a an annual golf outing - two dozen glasses made. This other is my Buzz's Driver. I airbrushed and clear-coated the driver, then put on the transfer graphics. Thanks for all your (continuing) guidance! Keith Ogles, Hot Springs Village, AR <>


• Just wanted you to know I have managed to produce some REALLY NICE, VERY SMALL chrome decals for my car modeling hobby. The coolest ones are Chrome, about 1-1.5mm tall and about 12mm long. I am very pleased with the results, nothing else could produce the accuracy I needed not to mention the chrome look. I am really happy I bought your system, it's fun making insignias I couldn't possibly make them any other way. Just thought I'd let you know. BTW Who the hell thought that up? Pure Genius! Regards, Donato Forte - A Happy Customer <>


• I finally figured out how to send you pictures of my award winning F-15 Regal Eagle "Best In Show". All the Graphics were made with your DecalPro System. I wanted you to see just how well they worked out for me. Thanks, Tom Castellano AMA # 5116 <


• I'm graphic designer in the Washington, DC area. I purchased the Decal Pro Starter Kit a few months ago. I have been so thrilled with the results, that I wanted to take a minute to thank you for developing the system. In fact, I am currently working to start a business making furniture appliqués and Decal Pro has been the key element to make that possible. Laurie Carbery <>


• This was the creme de la creme! My 1/16th scale RC Syrian T-55M Circa 1973 Yom Kippor War. Never could have made this internationally acclaimed model without your decal system. Made the decals for the tank and for the fuel barrels. Thanks again!! Don (Author of "Ice And Steel" and "Epitaph") <>


• Your product is awesome! Very seldom does a product live up to the hype but this stuff goes way above. I watched the vids and read the rules and they are very clear and helpful and they helped me to reach the level of success I received today. I killed a few earlier today but now they are coming out stunning. Regards, David Bell <>


• Thanks again for the tips and help. We finally got all of the coconuts done and they turned out great! We love how the decals turned out. Christopher Yarbrough <>


• Thanks so much Frank! I am so excited and you are a pleasure to do business with. The tips are lovely and I can't wait to give them a try this weekend! I look forward your product hitting the stores soon...the possibilities are endless. They have foils in their stores but they are only "cuttable" and a pain to deal with because they are so thick. I am so excited about your product because it really is so versatile and it's great for DIY invitations where foil embossing would cost an arm and a leg! I will certainly be in touch and be ordering more supplies. I just love your assortment of colors and the easy storage packaging. A girl like my self has a lot of crafting "stuff" you know!  Have a great weekend! Extremely pleased customer, Jay. <>


• A few months ago I bought the "complete system". I used both the PCB In A Box system and the DecalProFX system to produce the PC boards and chassis labeling for an audiophile quality pre-amplifier. I am totally impressed with your products. The PCB system was straight forward to use and produced amazing results. I was completely blown away with the quality and ease of use. I'm already thinking about the next project! The decal labeling system is pure genius. It took me several attempts to get the results I wanted, but once I learned how the system works by a small amount of experimentation, I feel like the sky is the limit. Jeff Hecht <>


• While it was a little difficult to get the hang of your system I think that the results are great and I look forward to using it again in my future projects. Also, I ended up referring a number of students in my design class to your website. This project was a small part of a larger Brand Identity project for an ice cream company called Sub_Zero. My project was basically made from scratch. John Jensen <>


• You should know that the decal pro is everything I hoped it would be. There will be plenty of jealous RC boaters next spring, and I expect several will want a DecalPro kit. I am using DecalPro to dress out my 1971 Miss Madison. Kevin Humphrey 'Blue Goose Sales, Post Falls, ID <>


• I originally had a vinyl printed Flying Tigers shield on the right side of my R/C A-10. I changed it to a full color dry transfer. It looked so good, that yesterday I stripped the home made vinyl decal of the Tigersharks shield on the right side and used a full color dry transfer there. I know the changes are subtle, but they add up and the difference is really quite something. The level of realism with the dry transfer is really quite something. Mike Selby <>


• I ordered your PCB and DecalPro kits just a little over 4 years ago [2011]. Just this past weekend I put in my second "refill" order for materials.  Ever since my initial trials with it both in making PCBs and decals and how impressed I was at its success, I've been telling everyone I can about your products. I and my father are both electrical engineers and avid Live_Steam operators. James Balmer <>  (Pretty amazing YouTube clips if you've never seen model steam engines in action! #1, #2#3.)


• First off many thanks, your dry-transfer stuff works great. My customer and even the local paint supply couldn't figure out how I got the lettering done so sweet. Keith <>


• Very impressed! I'll never go back to making water slide decals! Bob Beecroft "" <>


• I'm so glad I found your product, it really saves me so much time. I think you have a great product and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I used to have to hand paint a lot of things that wouldn't work with regular decals. I manufacture all sorts of parts for  "Mobo" toys - I'm the only one in the world that does so. I've used it on just about every type of surface; metal, fiberglass, plastic and cardboard. I'm sure that I'll be doing lots more business with you in the future. Thanks for the great product! Chuck McKimson


• I keep finding my mind coming up with things I want to try with your new system. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about drawing a design by  hand, photo-coping my simple hand designed "logoistic" picture and making a  color dry transfer. BULB ON: It doesn't have to be an involved computer design.  A "Kilroy was here" (a popular World War II logo style joke) drawing on an army tank would work! Dan Turner <>


• I had been searching for a method of labeling my product that was professional in its finished appearance, not too messy or complicated, and especially, reasonably affordable. I had gone to one print shop after another for several months. What was the most disheartening was when I got a bid from Fastsigns for $3,000.00 which was 500 sets of 2 water-slide decals. My custom made bats require up to 4 decals per unit. Not to mention, water-slide decals are very limited in what you can do with it. Essentially, I would have spent a fortune on a decal that would have been obsolete by the time I would have received them.


When I stumbled across your website I realized that the PulsarProFX system was tailored for my unique needs. Within a week with some practice, my product was transformed into what I had initially imagined. All of your advice as far as application, software, and printer models was dead-on. It only took me a few days to learn the new software, create the artwork, print out the substrates and finally make the actual dry-transfer decals and apply them. As I told you, I am not computer savvy at all.


Your process is more than visionary. Your system has literally saved me thousands of dollars! As my designs become more refined, and new models are added to my line, I won't be stuck with a bunch of outdated decals, because I only print what I need at the time. Thanks for all of your're a genius!!! Thanks again! Dave Jones/Davy Jones Bats/BBC, Broomfield, CO. "" <>


• Greets from Germany. Thank you so much for DECAL PRO!!! Today I've received my order from a German dealer ( and I am absolutely amazed!!!!!! You'll earn some more $$$ because I'll order more stuff soon.. ;-) I'M A FAN! Dennis Kistner <>


• Greetz, I think your product is awesome and I hope a lot more people will discover it 'cause you can make so many nice things with it! Hannu Coopman, Belgium <>


• I got my laminator today and just couldn't wait to try out the new dry transfer system. The first one I did was perfect right out of the gate. Now I can make white lettering right here at the house. Randal <>


• To start off, I LOVE your foils!!! They are wonderful and always make my projects stand out! Thanks so much for creating these products! :) Jason Price <>


• Hi Frank, SUCCESS!! And in a big way, too! I made a transfer from the gold foil to put my better half's name on a railroad passenger car (as was done in the late 1800's) and man is it snazzy! I then made some from white foil for my climax locomotive; she's happy, now she belongs to a lumber company out of Kingston NM (actual places for an imaginary railroad in F scale). Rest assured I'll recommend you guys to everyone I know for their decal/transfer needs! You sure as shootin' got my business!! Jeff Winthers <>


• This is a great product, I will find many uses for it! Cheers, Jon "JB" Buck, <>


• I'm amazed at how simple in execution, yet how complex in depth the system is. I am used to applying vinyl, digital prints, water-slides and old fashioned dry transfers so the application process is going very smoothly. Thanks very much and thanks for a well thought out process. JP "JP Graphics" <>


• I get mails from other homebuilt aircraft builders and once they get the hang of [making their instrument panels] they're all very impressed with your product. I think eventually, your system will be the choice method of panel labeling without a doubt. Thanks again for helping me out. You really did come along at the right time. Have you thought about having a booth at Sun 'n Fun or Oshkosh air shows? Mark Taylor <>


• I’ve received your package today, you product works great!!! Thanks again for the excellent service. Michiel Hoffman <>


• I have used your dry transfer rub-down decal kit and found it to be excellent. I've used it for many projects, but primarily to enhance wall mural scenes with small detailed images such as fairies etc. Sharon Hayes <>


• Love the DecalPro. Your system has solved all my past problems to produce the quality of logos I want. Steve Davis <>


• It's really a fascinating system.  How you ever developed it is beyond me! Theresa McConnell <>


• Hey guys! I got your decal system a little while ago and I love it... still getting the hang of things and learning the process. Mike Spurgeon, <>


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PulsarProFX®, LLC • 4611 Crow Creek Drive • Colorado Springs, CO 80922-4615 • Phone/Text: (850) 926-2009 • FAX (888) 280-7570 • EMAIL: • Store Hours: 9am - 5pm MST