PulsarProFX is a small developmental company that has produced some pretty unusual products over the years in:


• Electronics: Instant printed circuit board fabrication

• Chemical Milling: Deep etching in brass and copper

• Graphics: Dry-transfer graphics, and Colorizing Foils

• Radio Control: Product development for fixed & rotary wing model aircraft

Photo: buildingsWe started our business in 1988 as a graphic-art design studio in California. In 1992 we developed and launched our first product, "PCB Fab-In-A-Box" for the hobbyist, Midnight Engineer, Educational and R&D labs with the ability to make high resolution printed circuit boards 'on demand' using just a laser printer with an 8 process. In 2005 we developed DecalPro.


PulsarProFX®, LLC • 4611 Crow Creek Drive • Colorado Springs, CO 80922-4615 • Phone/Text: (850) 926-2009 • FAX (888) 280-7570 • EMAIL: mail@pulsarprofx.com • Store Hours: 9am - 5pm MST