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DecalProFX opens the door for unlimited flexibility to do most anything. Since 2005 when we first developed this process, we have yet to come across a surface that you can't transfer an image to. Quickly turn any image into a pressure-sensitive, dry-transfer graphic n under 10 minutes. The process couldn't be simpler; at a lower cost per square inch,  being the most unique, fast and efficient DIY process ever developed.


Create and transfer any image to any surface on-demand... it just doesn't get any better than this! Plus unending Tech Support by phone if you should ever run into a problem.


(Click or tap on images to enlarge)



Photo: Magazine cover with "77" reproduced from wingtipHere's an example where we wanted to reproduce the "77" on the wingtip of this model on the front cover of a magazine, so we simply scanned the cover, enlarging just the area of the "77" and rotated the image to give us a template to work on. Using a graphics program, we traced around the shape and then colorized the fill. Once you have the graphic ready to go, print to the Toner Transfer Paper and start the DecalPro process. The finished dry-transfer was then put on a sheet of plastic.



Photo: Wax candleDecalProFX opens the door for unlimited flexibility to do most anything. In fact, since 2005 when we developed this process, we have yet to come across a surface that you can't transfer an image to... even a wax candle, without damaging the soft wax when transferring, as they only requires light finger-pressure to make the transfer. We took the rose graphic and added it to a simple text layout and printed the image to the transfer paper to start the process. NOTE: We used was a "distressed" type font style that has micro-breaks within the font for the effect we we were after which you'll see in the enlargement.


Ok, test question for you...

Enlarge this image. Photo: P-51d model with extra graphic addedThis P-51d metal model was preprinted with all correct markings in the right places. We created a second "Stars 'n Bars" graphic and put it on the other wingtip. Can you tell which side we put it on?




Here's an interesting idea. Convert a signature to any metallic shade and transfer it to any surface... the ultimate special effect! Just sign your name on a white sheet of paper and scan it into your computer. Scale it to size, print, colorized with any color foil and continue on with the process to make it a pressure-sensitive image.



Photo: Old HAM radioConvert any old product to look brand new with DecalPro. Here's an example from one of our users that turned a 1940's vintage Ham radio into a 'new' unit. Photo: Recreated text 'n graphic transfer

Photo: Refurbished radioThe entire front panel was sand-blasted down to bare metal, painted and then all nomenclature added around the knobs made into blocks of text. Click on these "Before" and "After" images... pretty amazing capability.



Photo: Color toner over black backgroundColor laser printer toner is inherently translucent so when a color image is put on an other than white background, perceived colors will be tinted and darkened by the background color. Our white foil is used UNDER color toner as a reflector to maintain full color vibrancy. This is something that water-slide decals just can't do. More info on this is found under the "TUTORIALS > Instructions" menu.



Photo: White text over a photographAdd text and/or graphics over photographic images. This example shows a string of text prepared with WhiteTRF (Toner Reactive Foils). No residue in or around the text or on the photo's surface looking like it was imaged at the time the photo was made.


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