Photo: Foil wrinkles exampleBlack 'lines' running through foil covered image due to foil wrinkles. After foil has been peeled back from your image, you notice very fine 'black' lines running through the image.


If using our fiberglass "Carrier Board" you shouldn't get any wrinkles. However, all papers have a certain level of humidity in the fibers of the paper and if the fibers shrink too much when subjected to the high heat of the laminator it will induce wrinkles of the foil. All of our Mylar based foils will not shrink, so if the print becomes  a tiny bit smaller due to shrinkage, it becomes an issue of TOO MUCH foil over the print... and a wrinkle occurs!


Photo: Hot Air GunSome special effect and very heavy-weight papers need more moisture in the fibers to allow it to flex going through the standard laser printer without causing a jam. Most all papers contract about 1/2 of 1% as it moves through the laminator. This is normally not a problem as the foils can conform to some paper shrinkage, but if it's an extreme amount, a wrinkle can appear. And, you can't go back and add foil over bad areas as there's a differential 'hight' problem. In other words, the second foil can't get down past the surrounding foil to touch the black raw exposed toner from the wrinkle.


There is a simple solution! Using a conventional "heat (or hot-air) gun" like that pictured here, you can very quickly prep the printed paper before the foil is added and run through the laminator. Do not remove the moisture BEFORE you print as that could cause the much stiffer paper to jam going through the laser printer. You need the moisture in the paper when printing. The cheapest heat gun on the market is the Wagner "Milwaukee" brand, model 1200 - about $20. You could probably pick one up on Ebay for few dollars.


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Photo: Foil wrinkles example

Photo: Hot Air Gun