Other Uses for Toner Transfer Paper

Our transfer paper was first introduced into the electronics community in 1992 for making instant printed circuit boards in 15 minutes with just a laser printer or copier. Over the years since then, we've been collecting all sorts of variations from our customers on unique uses for our transfer medium. Besides making high quality circuit boards and dry-transfers, here are 5 unique uses for our transfer paper.



Image Directly To CD & DVD Discs


Photo: CD imageSure, CD/DVD media is becoming passé these days BUT they're still around and while they're still a 'thing' you can put some amazing graphics on what you burn. No need to use adhesive white labels (if you can still even find them) just use plain unprinted discs. Simply print what you want in reverse (mirror image), lay on top of the disc and insert to any pouch laminator and then into a tray of water. The paper will slide away after a minute and Viola! And no worries putting a CD into a laminator as polycarbonate discs can withstand much higher temperatures without any distortion, damage or warping. (Polycarbonate plastic was selected when CDs were first developed because the engineers knew people could leave discs on the dashboard in direct sunlight which would warp all other types of plastics.


Because color toners are inherently 'flat', use can then use our "OverCoat" foil (#1232) over the toner image and run through the laminator again. Peel off the foil and one super-high glossy disc!



3-Day Temporary Tattoos and Sun Tanned Images


Photo: TattooMake durable, realistic looking temporary tats in minutes that will last for days and easily removed at any time. Real tattoos are all flat color tones - and color toner is inherently flat so images will look totally real (unlike store-bought temporary images that are always glossy!)  Make your own "on demand" tattoos in minutes. You’ll amaze yourself and your friends on your first try. All you need is the Toner Transfer Paper (above), an inexpensive bottle of "Spirit Gum" (available at any 'Party Store') and something to remove it later like 'Spirit Gum Remover', Olive Oil, Rubbing Alcohol or peanut butter (chunky preferred, if you're not allergic).


1. Create you image on screen, reverse the graphic and print to a sheet of Toner Transfer Paper using any color laser printer or color copier at your local print shops (like FedEx Office, Staples, etc.).


2. Trim the print to about an inch around the graphic with scissors and then brush on a thin coat of “Spirit Gum” directly over the toner image. Give it a few minutes to set up. Now clean the area of the skin with soap and water (or Rubbing Alcohol) then apply the image with good pressure for a about 15 seconds to get a good bond.


3. Fold up a square of paper towel and make it very wet. Press and hold the wet towel over the back of the paper and hold it there for about a minute then remove the towel.  The paper has now released the image so slide it off your skin. Wipe over the tattoo with the same wet towel to remove any residue from the paper. Impress someone by putting one across your neck and your friends will comment on how painful that must have been. HA!



Photo: Suntanned TattooAnother tattoo technique! You may have seen these and wondered, how did they they do that? The idea is to simply put an opaque image over your skin the same way as described above. Best to use the "Iridescent" foil (#1234) applied over the toner image to reflect the most amount of sunlight. After tanning, remove the graphic and Viola!



Transfer "Plan" Outlines


Photo: Transfers to balsawood and hardwoods for easy cuttingA scale builder's dream come true! When you only have the original printed construction plan and you don't want to cut it up to make trace outlines in order to cut out parts just scan-in the small area of the plan "part" and print it onto the Toner Transfer Paper. Best to use a B&W laser printer or copier. Since hardwoods are generally too thick to run through a laminator, you can use a clothes iron set to the highest setting.


Lay the print toner-side down over the wood and press hard, real hard over the image for about 30 seconds. This will fuse the toner into the wood. Next, wet a paper towel and lay it over the back of the paper so as not to wet too much of wood. To assist at this, you could use masking tape around the edges of the transfer paper so as to keep the surrounding wood from getting wet. Within a minute the paper will let go of the image that has been fused to the wood, and you can now slide the paper off the board ... viola!



T-Shirt Transfers


Photo: T-Shirt #1Here's something interesting we received. This image by Edward Ratanun (eratanun@gmail.com) was found several years with an interesting twist on combining to transfer methods onto cloth.


He figured out a simple way to take a laser print of a graphic, add our Silver TRF foil (any of our other 20 foils will work equally well) and transfer it to a T-Shirt. Pretty impressive method!


Here are the two methods of doing this. We'd like your feedback if you get a chance to try it out. Ed said the image will last quite a few washings before the image starts breaking down but all-in-all, not a bad way to make up a super-custom T-Shirt for a special use.


Photo: T-Shirt #2Technique #1:

• Print the graphic in REVERSE (mirror image) onto a sheet of regular white paper

• Transfer any of our TRF foils to the print using a suitable laminator (we highly recommend our "SM-330" device).

• Peel off the foil and discard the print. This leaves you with a positive image of the graphic to transfer.

• Spray "KK-2000" and iron the image and using either a T-Shirt press or a household iron (with some practice) to bond the image to the cloth.

Carefully peel pack the foil's top clear 'carrier' 180º back over itself and discard. If you find the image is lifting, lay it back down and apply more heat and pressure with an iron for about 30 seconds... as much pressure as you can put over the iron.


Technique #2:  (Requires both TTP  and T-Shirt Transfer Paper for laser printers available at office supply stores.

• Print your image to the blue side of our Toner Transfer Paper then colorize with any of our foils running through our SM330 laminator or equivalent.

• Sandwich together (face-to-face) both the TTP and T-Shirt Transfer Paper's coated side and run through laminator.

• Place both papers in a tray of water and after a minute, the blue TTP will float away leaving the foil-side stuck to the T-Shirt Paper

• Blot dry the T-Shirt paper with paper towel and dry thoroughly with hot air gun (or hair dryer for a long period of time).

• Transfer to cloth with iron following the instructions that came with the T-Shirt Paper.


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