"DecalPro" and "PCB Fab-In-A-Box" are our main two products, but they have alternate techniques with their own names. Making printed circuit boards extends to 'chemical milling' for deep-etching into any metal, what we call "Etching Metal". On a similar note, DecalPro's "Toner Reactive Foils" are used and the main focus with "ColorFoils" for decorating your own specialty papers, a technique used throughout the scrap-booking arena.


"PCB Fab-In-A-Box".com

Graphic: PCB Fab-In-A-BoxThe only 8 minute PCB fabrication system for making quality, high-resolution Single & Double-sided PCBs with trace pitch down to .005" using basically any B&W laser printer or photo-copier.


• No Negatives, Developing Chemicals or Darkroom

• Single & Double-sided Boards w/1/2oz CU for 1 minute etching

• Rigid .032" and FlexPCB .005" super-flexible circuit boards

• Traces down to .005" for all SMT board designs



Graphic: Sample etched metals imagesChemical Milling is the generic term for etching metal (copper and brass) to create reliefs and 3-D shapes.


Graphic: 3-D etching of an objectUse the "Direct Etch" method with your laser printer (or copier) and our Toner Transfer Paper & GreenTRF foil as a mask for deep etching any metal surface. You can etch all the way through brass or copper-shim to create 3-D items, or etch-relief to any depth to create extremely intricate imaged pieces. Website: www.EtchingMetal.com



Graphic: ColorFoilsColorize any laser or copier printed page with unique metallic, pigment and special effect foils.


• Website loaded with tricks that no one else has the experience to tell you about

• Overlay multiple foil shades for amazing composite designs

• Full Tech Support by phone and email.


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