Tamerica "SM-330" Laminator

Photo: Tamerica SM-330 laminatorWhen using this laminator with DecalProFX, disregard the manufacturer's info sheet and follow the Operating Instructions below.





The operational instruction sheet included with this laminator is for use with conventional plastic ‘pouches’ to seal documents and photos as its designed purpose. For use with our products, disregard this sheet and don’t use any cardboard “Carrier” envelope, rather, follow our instructions included with our products. Finally, disregard the "temperatures" placard above the Ready-light as it doesn’t apply when using our products.



Rotate the temperature control fully clock-wise. When the unit is first turned on, allow the unit to fully ‘heat-soak’ the rollers for a minimum of 20 minutes AFTER the “Ready” LED is lit. The neoprene-coated rollers need to absorb maximum heat for proper performance with our products.



After you are done using the laminator, don’t just turn it off! First rotate the temperature control fully counter-clockwise and allow the unit to cool down for at least 15 minutes or longer before turning the unit off. This prevents the rollers from developing a ‘flat-spot’ if shut down at max temp. You want to rollers to continue turning as the temperature is slowly being reduced to the lowest temperature.



Always leave this switch in the forward (MOTOR) position! We don't recommend using the "REV." (reverse) position except when necessary in the event of a jammed condition and you need to back-out material. NOTE: The switch is spring-loaded to the middle “motor off” position. This is the only thing we don't like about this unit. If you use the "REV" switch, you must always push the switch to the forward (MOTOR) position. If you don't, the heaters stay on and the rollers don't turn which can permanently damage the roller's neoprene coating to "bubble" from the high heat.



This laminator is classified as a “10mil” laminator. This does not refer to the total thickness of something being passed through the unit, rather it means how heavy of a plastic pouch it can melt to seal a document (eg 10mil plastic pouches). The REAL maximum thickness that can be passed through this unit is .080” (80 thousands of an inch), 5/64" or 2mm.



This unit has ‘overheat protection’ that will shut down the heaters if a malfunction occurs. However, it's still a idea to pickup one of those cheap Smoke Detectors and mount it above your work area if you work in different rooms.



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