Practice Images (B&W and COLOR):

Price: $2.95


(Download on the link below to make a set from your printer)


Photo: Sample Images (Color and B&W)Preprinted images speeds-up learning the technique. The color page has 6 reversed images for practice making white foil backed color images for transfer to other-than white backgrounds to maintain color vibrancy.


Sample images have been setup with the required temporary borders (trimmed off as the last step before the adhesive is applied). Both pages are part of the DecalPro Starter Kit.


If you find your laser printed images are not working properly, but the sample images included in the Starter Kit do, the likely suspect is the toner in your printer regarding the quality and/or toner density that should be looked at. Call us anytime if you're having any problems at PulsarProFX at (850) 926-2009, M-F, 9am-5pm, or drop us a quick email (below). ((One set is included in the DecalProFX Starter kit)


NOTE: If you'd like to download these pages to print on YOUR printer click here > Download 2 Image then double-click on the downloaded file to open both pages.


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