Toner Reactive Foils (Packaging Arrangements and Color Swatch)

TRF Sampler Kit:

Price: $29.95


Graphic: TRF Sampler pak cover sheetThe Sampler Kit of TRF foils (Toner Reactive Foils) contains all 20 foils in our system, 8" wide x 36" length. 13-Metallics, 3-Pigment, Clear, Reflector & 2 Holographic shades, extra Mylar Carrier film, fiberglass carrier board, tape strips and tack cloth. (Included in the DecalProFX Starter kit)


Foils are also packaged as individual colors 8" x 15' long called 'Flat-Paks' and in 600' rolls (see below).



Price: $8.95


Photo: TRF Foil Flat-PaksIndividual 'flat-pak' foils are one continuous 15' length of foil, 8" wide, wrapped on a 6"x9" cardboard form.

• Single color wrapped onto a 6"x9" cardboard form

• 8" wide x 15' long

• Space saving packs consume very little space. All 20 foils stacked on top of each is only 3" high


Bulk Rolls


Photo: Bulk Roll FoilsContinuous 600' length x 8" wide on 1" core (or can be Special Ordered to your specifications - see below). Ideal for mini-mass production of your designs on your specialty papers. 8" wide x 600' long) Order any shade from colors below

• Pigment Colors:  $120

• Metallic Shades:  $145

• Holographic & Special Effect:  $175



• Metallic RED

• Metallic GOLD

• Metallic GOLD (Satin)

• Metallic BLUE (Cobalt/Medium)

• Metallic BLUE (Navy/Dark)

• Metallic SILVER (Chrome)

• Pigment WHITE

• Pigment GRAY

• Pigment BLACK

• Clear OVERCOAT (for color images)

• Special: IRIDESCENT reflector for color toner)



Bulk roll order is a 24" wide roll, 200' long. Obviously that's too wide for most users so we cut your roll to your specification at no additional charge... you could order 24 - 1" wide rolls! The average turn around time for a custom order is only about 10~12 days. Rolls longer than 200' will be quoted on request. Roll cores are 1" diameter but can be requested on 1/2" cores at additional charge.


To place a Bulk Roll order we initially only need an email from you with your full mailing address, etc, telling us what you want. We will generate a Sales Order and email it back to you with a link to our secure on-line payment gateway. PLEASE NOTE! Custom cut orders are not returnable for refund. If you need absolute verification of a particular foil shade, ask us and we'll send you out a sample at no charge for "eyes-on" evaluation as general computer monitors are not the greatest at exact color-shade representation.


Pricing on Special Order Bulk is 1/3 the cost of "in stock" 600' rolls, but keep in mind this is for a minimum order quantity of 12 roll (24" wide x 200' length, cut to any width).

You can have any number of cuts as long as the total in cuts adds up to 24. For example: 2x 6", 1x 7" and 1x 11", or 24 x 1" cuts).



12x 24" wide rolls, cut to any number of widths (from 1" to 23")

• PIGMENT colors: $480 ($40 per 24" roll at 200' length)

• METALLIC colors: $580 ($48.33 per 24" roll at 200' length)

• SPECIAL colors: $700 ($58.33 per 24" roll at 200' length)


Call us anytime for more information or help on placing an order as this can be a little confusing at first. Phone: (850) 926-2009, 9-5pm MST


Custom orders welcomed! Just email us what you need and we'll quote you back. Special orders are always prepaid.


Minimum order is 12 rolls (24" wide by 200' in length). Rolls can be cut to any requested widths without charge. For example, an order for 12 master rolls in any metallic shade x 200' length would be $580. (Slight pricing differences between pigment, metallics and special effect foils). So, if for example, the 24" wide rolls were cut to 8" width, that would give you 36 rolls (8" x 200' of foil... 133 sq.ft) costing $16.11 each. Standard cores are 1" diameter, but can be ordered with 1/2" cores for an additional charge. You can mix multiple shades in the order as long as they are in the same TYPE of foil category, eg. Pigment, Metallic or Special Effect... see Flat-Paks above for foil shade by category).



Here are the 20 foils that make up the DecalProFX system, separated into 3 groups of Metallic, Pigment and Special Effect categories



Photo: Metallic Red Photo: Metallic Copper Photo: Metallic Gold Photo: Metallic Gold (Satin) Photo: Metallic Green Photo: Metallic Green (Satin) Photo: Metallic Aqua Photo: Metallic Blue (Cobalt) Photo: Metallic Blue (Royal) Photo: Metallic Purple Photo: Metallic Fushia Photo: Metallic Silver Photo: Metallic Silver (Satin)


• Very high gloss except for the 3 "Satin" shades (noted in squares above

• Satin shades are a medium gloss



Photo: Pigment White Photo: Pigment Gray Photo: Pigment Black


• WHITE: Used over black toner images to make them white, and used UNDER color toner images as a reflector to put images on dark backgrounds maintaining full color vibrancy.


• GRAY: It's hard to create a shade of gray as that is an illusion to your eye. Micro dots don't hold adhesive very well. Better to print your image as a solid black and add this gray foil to achieve a gray shade.


• BLACK: All images must have a foil transferred over the toner. When making a black image, this black foil is used to isolate the toner image from the Mylar Carrier. Also gives a very rich looking black tone.



Photo: Special (OverCoat) Photo: Special Iridescent Photo: Special Holographic Silver Photo: Special Holographic Gold


• OVERCOAT: Applied on top of full-color images to turn what is otherwise 'dull' toner images into high-gloss graphics and text.

• IRIDESCENT: Applied under a full-color image (the same way white is used as a color reflector) which makes all colors look metallic-like for a very unusual effect! Print your image in reverse and add the iridescent foil. Beautiful effect.

• HOLOGRAPHIC: These are neutral reflection foils, meaning no embedded patterns, similar to the reflection you see on a CD. Excellent effect when you use them as a background on your designs where you would then print something else on top of these foils to make images 'pop' off the page.


Email us (below) to receive a no-charge COLOR SWATCH of all 20 foils in our system (email link below)


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