The main use of the "ClearCoat" foil is to apply it over color printed graphics, giving both the required separation between the raw toner image and the Mylar Carrier when creating the dry transfer and to give the color image very high gloss.


The secondary technique using this foil is to be able to make a "spot effect" of a glossy clear image called Photo: UV Effect on cardboard'UV' or 'Varnish'. These are offset printing terms where a printing press adds a clear gloss to a printed page. You've seen this on most all magazine front covers to give a super-glossy look. It's also used to highlight an image somewhere on the page or product packaging to make the image 'pop'. This same effect can be made as a dry transfer decal by using the "ClearCoat" foil.


Notice the cardboard here,where you see this applied gloss effect. This is a simple "subtractive" technique where you remove all of the ClearCoat except for what you want to remain on the foil's own carrier. You simply print the image in reverse on regular white paper. Cover the print with a sheet of ClearCoat foil and pass both through the laminator. Peel the foil off and discard the paper print. What you're left with is a positive image of "ClearCoart" on it's own carrier. The discarded print has served its purpose by removing all of the ClearCoat that we didn't want, leaving a positive "clear" image. This the image that becomes the transfer.

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